Week 3 – Kluber Barrierta L55 Series


Product of the Week (3): we focus our attention to Kluber Lubrication and the oldest high quality, high temperature brand of grease in Europe. Based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE), Barrierta L55 Series are tried and tested over many years in numerous industries and component types. Barrierta products are produced using specifically made raw materials and, with continued development, have become a first choice for lubrication experts in many sectors.

Barrierta L 55 Series are registered NSF H1 products and work at very high operating temperatures (up to 260°C), offering resistance to aggressive media but still posing no compatibility issues with plastics/elastomers. Therefore the Series of products are in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and according to ISO 21469 certification, support the hygienic requirements of your plant. Kluber logo

This range of long-term, food safe greases can be used in the load and turn rollers of conveyor systems; calendar, fan and chain bearings; kiln cart wheel bearings; cooking or frying lines; automatic baking ovens and other friction points where accidental contact with food could occur.

Kluber Barrierta L55 Series are available in 4 NLGI grades, 0, 1, 2 & 3 and have a base oil viscosity (at 40°C) of approximately 420 mm2/s. For full specifications/approvals of each NLGI grade, please visit the data sheet by clicking the PDF icon at the bottom of this page. Depending on the NLGI grade, the ‘Barrierta L55’ Series is available in 100g tubes, 200g glass jars, 800g cartridges, 1KG cans and 10KG steel buckets. For pricing on this, please speak to a member of our team.

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