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Fire resistant hydraulic fluids, or FRHF’s for short, are widely manufactured using water glycol. This is a solution of a glycol (such as ethylene glycol) in water, with an additive package to help and improve viscosity, corrosion protection and anti-wear properties. Even though oil-based hydraulic fluids tend to have a high flash point, the risk of fire from ruptured lines is ever present. Using a FRHF, usually died red or pink to easily identify, is highly beneficial in applications such as; hot metal shears; electric welders; furnaces; diecasting machines and other applications where high temperatures  are present.

If you have a requirement for a ‘Fire Resistant’ hydraulic fluid, why not take a look at Houghto-Safe 620E? It is a premium performance, water glycol based synthetic hydraulic fluid which conforms to ISO 12922 for type HFC fluids manufactured by Houghton.

Houghto-Safe 620E has no flash or fire point and meets or exceeds the requirements of; Spray Ignition Tests (C.E.C. Luxembourg 7th Report, Factory Mutual, ISO 15029); Factory Mutual – Hot Channel Ignition Test; ISO 14935 Fluid Soaked Wick Test.

Houghto-Safe 620E is a leading FRHF and has been for over 50 years – Setting a global benchmark in steel and aluminium production, pressure die-casting, glassmaking, polymer forming and many other high fire risk industries. It passes ISO 4404-1 corrosion tests, contains vapour phase corrosion inhibitors and is suitable for use with steel, copper, brass, and anodised aluminium.

For a full specification list and to view the technical information for this product, please visit the data sheet by clicking the PDF icon at the bottom of this page. ‘Houghto-Safe 620E’ is available in 20L pails and 208L barrels as well as 1000L IBC’s. For pricing / further information, please speak to a member of our team > Contact Us

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