• #POTW – Aeroshell Fluid 41

    24.03.13 The Aeroshell series is a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of aviation applications featuring piston & turbine engine oils, lubricating oils & greases and hydraulic oils. They meet various military...Read More

  • #POTW – Houghto-Safe 620E

    17.03.13 Fire resistant hydraulic fluids, or FRHF’s for short, are widely manufactured using water glycol. This is a solution of a glycol (such as ethylene glycol) in water, with an additive package to help and improve visco...Read More

  • #POTW – Mobil Rarus SHC 1026

    10.04.13 Mobil Rarus SHC 1026 is one third of the Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series of supreme performance, rotary screw and vane air compressor oils. ‘Rarus SHC 1020 Series’ is formulated using quality synthetic hydrocarbon fluids ...Read More

  • #POTW – Q8 T904 10W/40

    20.03.13 Q8Oils develop & manufacture some of the finest quality lubricants in the world using a unique, innovative and progressive approach to produce the very best and latest in lubricant technology. With their vast experien...Read More

  • Week 4 – Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A

    06.03.13 Fuchs Lubricants, a trusted partner in supplying high quality fluids for the metalworking industry, have developed a concept called ‘Advanced Coolantology’; a range of coolants designed to offer optimum machin...Read More

  • Week 3 – Kluber Barrierta L55 Series

    27.02.13 Product of the Week (3): we focus our attention to Kluber Lubrication and the oldest high quality, high temperature brand of grease in Europe. Based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE), Barrierta L55 Series are tried a...Read More

  • Week 2 – Shell Tellus S2 V Series

    20.02.13 This week, #POTW focuses on Shell’s ‘Tellus S2 V’ series of high performance, high viscosity index hydraulic fluids that are manufactured using unique patented technology that provides outstanding protec...Read More

  • Week 1 – Mobil Teresstic T Series

    13.02.13 ‘Product of the Week’ is a new feature from The Lube Hub team. Each week, we will post a new POTW (product of the week) with all the key information you need to know. Today is the turn of Mobil’s ‘...Read More

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    • 01.05.13 Total, one of the worlds leading lubricant manufacturers, has extended its product range an...Read More
    • 26.04.13 Refrigeration oils are an integral part of the refrigeration process. Refrigeration compres...Read More
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